Major Deities

AmphionCG – Nature, Greenery, Wilderness, Purity, Soul
PerenelleCN – Arcana, Magic, Power, Revelation, Stars
JovetaLE – Death, Fate, Time
MirielLG – Life, Healing, Redemption, Second Chances
IphigeniaNE – Trickery, Deception, Traps, Illusion, Espionage
BasaineNG – Light, Creation, Hope, Sun, Growth
SaundreNG – War, Glory, Battle, Heroism, Strategy
DaviaN – Knowledge, Skill, Memory, Philosophy, Scholarship
RaginhartN – Tempest, Ocean, Sea, Storm, Travel, Water

Minor Deities

ImenciaCE – Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Entropy
RosamundCE – Undeath, Retribution, Vengeance
SharrCE – Corruption, War, Unrest
ThrasidaiosCE – Evil, Hatred, Poison, Plague, Demons
DuleiaCG – Freedom, Moon, Mysteries, Revelry, Whimsy
IantheCG – Elves, Nature, Grace, Wisdom, Discovery
IlliaCG – Charm, Beauty, Song, The Arts, Romantic Love
EinolfusCN – Tieflings, The Perseuted, Misfortune, Loss
IllarioCN – Pleasure, Fear, Desire, Sex, Repose
SageueCN – Suffering, Strife, Seasons, Growth From Pain
CressidaLE – Drow, Darkness, Shadow, Night
PolyxenaLE – Fire, Rebirth, Anger, Lust
AilithLG – Family, Bonds, Cooperation, Community
AthelisLG – Balance, Justice, Law, Order
PylenorLG – Dwarves, Courage, Warriors, Loyalty
ApasionLN – Trade, Wealth, Industry
EmersendeLN – Dragons, Gold, Magic, Nobility, Pride
ThaleusLN – Strength, Honor, Competition, Ferocity
XabadineLN – Gnomes, Tinkering, Metal, Innovation
LevevaNE – Force, Tyranny, Control, Conquest, Ambition
LyolfNE – Orcs, Pain, Torture, Riot
SigardaNG – Goodness, Protection, Mothers, Fertility
TaliaNG – Halflings, Agriculture, Hard Work, Tolerance, Humility
KrantorN – Cold, Ice, Preserverence, Hardship
OrabelleN – Air, Clouds, Change, Luck


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