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Use this wiki as a portal to all important information within the campaign. Make sure to read up on the lore and explore these pages for a deeper understanding of the world you are playing in, as well as to remind yourself of important people and places you may have run into on your adventures.

History – The abridged history of the world. All characters should be fully aware of the information on this page.

Kingdoms of Kessandria – These pages detail all of the kingdoms and cities within Kessandria. Each page will be revealed based upon character awareness.

Races – Find information on each of the player races living within Kessandria, including important historical, social and political facts.

Classes – Find homebrew rules that will be applied to each of the player classes for this game, as well as explore any homebrew classes that will be allowed.

Pantheon – This is a very religion-heavy setting. Make yourself familiar with the 9 main deities, and feel free to explore some of the others. Keep in mind that information about the minor deities is much less widely known, so if you are considering worshipping one, please consult the DM for further information.

Main Page

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