General Rules of Play

All players are expected to follow the rules on this page. Be aware that any players who cause an issue within the group or break any of these rules can be, at any time, removed from the game with or without previous infractions or warnings at the discretion of the DM. While this may sound strict, the goal is for all players to have fun, and these rules are in place to ensure that everyone is allowed to enjoy themselves in the fullest way possible without issues presented by the actions of fellow players.

1. Don’t be a dick. This goes without saying. If we treat each other with respect and kindness, none of the rest of the rules should be necessary. If your attitude is bad, you can’t be here. Period.

2. No meta-gaming. Accept that your character will have flaws and things that they do not know. Even if you already know things out of character, you will be expected to base your character’s actions entirely off of what they know. If you do not know things out of character, do not look them up for the purpose of giving yourself an edge in the game. If it is found that you are doing this, do not be surprised if things begin to be changed from what is in the source material to solve this issue.

3. Don’t be a rules lawyer. Neither is your DM perfect, nor will I always follow the rules exactly as written. If you wish to correct me on a rule, that is fine (and helpful!), but if I tell you that the change was intentional or that my ruling will stand, do not argue. There will always be a meaningful reason for such things that may not be immediately evident.

4. All character changes must be approved by the DM. All aspects of your character should be approved by the DM to begin with, but any changes that you wish to make must also be presented to the DM for approval, along with reasoning. If you do not get prior approval, the change will be ignored. Please also inform the DM of any choices that you select upon leveling up, just for my better awareness!

5. Keep all decisions strictly in-character. If your character begins to act in a way that does not seem in line with their personality or begins to make decisions based upon information that they should not have, you will be asked to explain your reasoning. The DM reserves the right to retcon anything you say or do based upon how well you can justify your choices. Please also note that your alignment, while only used as a general guideline for your actions, can be switched by the DM based upon your in-game decisions.

6. Do not be disruptive during sessions. A little bit of fun and breaks in character are obviously just fine and totally encouraged! However, if you form a habit of interrupting the RP moments of others or making constant and out of place jokes or commentary, this will become a problem. I would like to run as immersive and engaging a game as possible and it is not conducive to this goal to have that one person constantly inputting their own unrelated commentary or silly jokes. Keep in character as much as possible — jokes in character are totally encouraged — and keep in mind where your character is. If they’re not part of a scene, please be especially mindful of this and of what you say.

7. Make an effort to make every session. Missing some sessions is completely understandable. However, if missing sessions becomes a theme, you may be asked to leave the game due to the difficulty associated with dealing with a missing character/player. If you are going to be absent, please let the DM know as soon as you possibly can, with your reasoning, via a private message.

8. Be prepared for the session. You are expected to show up to each session on time unless you’ve spoken to the DM first. Please try to arrive a few minutes early if possible and be in game with your character sheet out and ready to go. We may not always start immediately on time, but I would like to avoid long delays due to players not being ready.

9. Pay attention. It can be difficult to stay checked in to a full session, but understand that you will be responsible for knowing any information that you may have missed if it’s something that your character is meant to know. You can get this information from your fellow players, but I will not repeat it to you if you missed it by spacing out during a session. If your character does not “remember” something that happened, as in real life, there may be unforseen consequences. I highly suggest taking session notes of important events, names, and other plot points that you discover to avoid this issue.

10. Do not cause problems with other players. Under no circumstances are you to become confrontational or argumentative with other players within the game, regardless of whether you feel it is warranted or not. If you have an issue with another player, please bring it directly to the DM via private message. Your concerns will be taken seriously and the problem will be worked out without the need to cause drama amongst the rest of the group.

General Rules of Play

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