Children of the Dragon

Origin: Rhaevryn
Most Prominent Within: Belsance Croft, Goldcrest, Broughton Heights, Acacia Villas, Dimonia, Aedioxus, Estiria, Iron Bay, Greyport, Krassather, Balmoral, Dragonlance
Commonly Worshipped Deities: Emersende

History: Said to have been born of dragons themselves, the dragonborn come in all colors of the spectrum, metallic and chromatic alike, although their color has little to do with their temperament or natural abilities. Favoring the sky, the dragonborn are known to live high off the ground, with their cities often being built amongst the clouds on large, floating platforms.

During the First Age, the dragonborn lived peacefully alongside the dragons they called kin, with the Empress Malxora the Red famously having “kept” a quintet of dragons as her personal “pets”. These dragons, however, disappeared during the Battle of Belsance Croft 3,000 years ago and have not been seen since. Since their disappearance, not a single dragon has been spotted in the skies of the dragonborn cities. It is said that the creatures have wholly abandoned their kin rather than chance being caught up in another war in which they have no stake.

Dragonborn are considered widely as being haughty and self-important due to their connection to the formidable beasts for which they are named. They often play to extremes, either being highly well-intentioned or heavily bent towards evil with few who ride the line in-between. Likewise, their society is known for producing skilled fighters and diplomats both, and the handling of political matters depends almost entirely upon the bent of the sitting monarch. This was most famously seen in the stark difference between the reigns of Malxora the Red and her daughter, Emersende the Silver.

Of Emersende, the dragonborn society remembers her fondly and hails her as a hero of their people. Rather than dying, she is said to have transformed into a three-headed silver dragon and ascended to the level of goddess. Temples to her can be found throughout Rhaevryn and are more numerous than temples to any other deity, including those of any of The Nine.


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